Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Another Chance

Every day, it's another chance.

I distinctly remember
The reverie-like memory
It was so pleasant, so perfect.
Like the clouds in the sky.

Though the time was short,
Every second, I enjoyed.
The talk between us,
A natural smile.

Every day, I track.
It's always different.
The times he leaves the MRT
Varies too much.

I couldn't loiter or wait.
So unnatural, so ungentlemanly.
Everyday I walk to school,
My head half-turned. Was he there?

Will we share
Those willful moments again?
Will the flowers blossom
In our hearts and brains?

I don't know.
But every day, I try.
It's a new day.
A new try.

Every day, it's another chance.

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