Friday, 4 November 2011


Death? No, I do not fear Death. Death was never scary, at least to me. The only thing that I can be scared of... Is Death's silent treatment. And, I do not fear that now. I have encountered Death face-to-face so many times. Sometimes, I don't know what Death is thinking. Death is always so quiet. Like he's slowly creeping up behind you and waiting for the perfect moment to swallow you whole. That's Death. That's how I describe him. I admit, I once knocked on Death's doors, hoping he would be my best friend. Tell me, which kind of stupid person would want to make friends with Death? I was that hypnotised by Death's voice, his shadow, his appearance. I never feared Death. In fact, I wanted to get close to him. I wanted to be by his side, my hand being held by Death forever and ever. Now, Death is giving me the silent treatment. And that's okay. 'Cause Death is nothing to be afraid of. The darkness? The hopeless future Death gives? That's not scary. Not scary at all. Someone told me that I should cheat Death, that I should leave Death alone. But I know, that my mind will forever wander to Death's doors, hoping he would come, knocking on my door, taking me away from this world that I don't ever want to live in. I have seen the eyes of Death. Those eyes are not the worst fate one can ever counter. There are worse. Much worse ones.

Sunday, 30 October 2011


When a flower wilts
Another will bloom.
That is the cycle of life.

For what I know,
To see the flowers bloom,
Are but the best of joy.
To see flowers wilt,
Pains the heart.

But without wilting flowers,
Other flowers will never bloom.
Sacrifices, you may say.

For a better, blooming flower.

When you've grown emotionally attached to one flower,
How do you let it wilt?
How do you let another blooming flower take its place?
How do you let the petals fly across the globe?


Blocking doesn't solve the problem.
It's the actor's problem.
Ask the actor
To solve his character.
That's how to solve the problem.