Friday, 27 January 2012


The last time I looked out at stars
I was thinking,
Why was life
So much like the sky?

The blackness represented the void,
Where nothing happens.
Where nothing grows.
Where no life breathes.

In this void,
We meet different people.
These people
Are the stars.

They slowly enter our life
And fill up the void.
Throughout our years,
They become constellations.

When you meet your soul mate,
That person will outshine
All the other stars
And become our sun.

This sun becomes
A half of our world.
It shines in the day,
Makes all the stars disappear.

But when it is night,
The sun is gone.
The stars are back again.
Shining like before.

But sometimes,
When we are still forever in the night,
We crush the stars
That filled our universe.
Extinguishing their every light.

Before they shine could try to shine brighter,
They get crushed.
We pick them out,
One by one,
And throw them into black holes.

These stars that we throw,
Will never become invisible.
They will still be there.
Shining in another person’s night sky.

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